the rebirth of Little Tinker

the rebirth of Little Tinker

choice words for airbnb on the spring street C platform

choice words for airbnb on the spring street C platform

The worst thing about shooting film is not being able to immediately review the shots you take. I can’t find a cost-friendly lab in NYC so I send my pictures to a lab in California to have them developed.

This is also the best thing.

By the time I received the negatives in the mail, I have entirely forgotten about them. But as soon as I take a look, I can instantly remember the moment; the instant that the shutter goes click.

Some people may find this metaphoric or poetic but idk it’s saturday night and I’m feeling sappy.

It’s cold in New York and exploring the california sunset hashtag was a really bad idea.

Just because someone can use modern technology to play video games or tweet asinine bullshit doesn’t mean that we’re all somehow less intelligent. In fact, someone has to build that infrastructure. Someone has to write the video games. Someone has to create the art and the music and the story lines. We’re not all the most visible of those sitting around tweeting about twerking and getting “turned up” and watching “black people like… white people like” Vine videos all day.

People lament the fact that high school students don’t want to spend all their time reading the “classics” or listening to classical music or whatever arbitrary “enriching” activity they happen to advocate. When those people were a children, would they have complained that their peers were wasting their time playing baseball when they could be inside reading Bulfinch’s Mythology?

The real problems of the world aren’t going to be solved by listening to Rachmaninov or reading Dickens. We aren’t somehow less “enriched” if we don’t properly understand the obsession of the protagonist in Death in Venice.

Even still, there are thousands of sites dedicated to books, literature, the appreciation of Greek or Roman mythology - anything Mr. Feeny wants us to learn about. I can carry my whole book collection in my pocket. I can post on forums and have discussions about what I’m reading, find recommendations, explore topics more thoroughly than some class discussion.

You know what’s great about people? We can do many things. Someone who just watched Duck Dynasty might later go to a philosophy class and discuss the concept of Sensus divinitatis as it relates to Nagel’s view of divine purpose. Someone might spend an hour playing a first person shooter then join a forum to discuss how to hack their Raspberry Pi to roll their own weather station.